Making health history with bioLytical

Health Canada’s approval was imminent and bioLytical needed a PR partner that can maximize the announcement in Canada, US and the world.

The Ask

bioLytical’s INSTI HIV Self Test was about to be approved for sale in Canada. In certain  BioLytical approached Front + Centre for brand awareness and recognition to establish INSTI as the go-to HIV self-test in Canada, a brand that can be trusted when you need it. bioLytical wanted to be positioned as the industry leader and innovator in self-test kits among the scientific/biotech business community and drive conversation around HIV testing.

The Problem

In Canada, the situation is different even though the INSTI point-of-care test is approved for use. Point-of-care testing is not always the most common testing option here, so people may not already be familiar with the concept of rapid HIV testing.

The Insight

Self-testing for HIV has never been done in Canada before, and this product fills a huge gap that people may not have existed. A quick, discrete and highly accurate test that arms people with the knowledge of their HIV status. The kit will also help to educate the general public on HIV issues and health and bring attention to other options of HIV care and prevention via regular testing.

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