Finding a niche with Opus

Finding your voice and key messages can be tough when you’re launching a new product. We helped navigate and lead Opus to a positioning where they can flourish.

The Ask

The Ready To Drink (RTD) market has been blowing up for some time, and Christos Kalaitzis was ready to launch his own premium brand of high-quality, expertly hand-crafted cocktails, OPUS. OPUS offers alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks to accommodate any lifestyle that people choose. Interestingly enough is the fact that Christos noticed an increase of people asking for mocktails or sprite and sodas as opposed to alcoholic drinks when he was a bartender. With a demographic in mind and a product that fits well, OPUS  turned to Front + Centre to drive brand awareness, build a community, and become established on social media.

The Problem

With the RTD market becoming heavily saturated, the challenge was to present OPUS as a stand-out from other brands. Why should consumers care about another Vancouver-based RTD brand? Awareness needed to be created around two separate products/audiences. Launching an unknown brand as the weather gets warmer was a challenge to compete with established brands that have marketed themselves as “the summer drink” or “the drink for the beach.”

The Insight

Everyone is becoming flexa-everything. People want choice but also don’t want to defined by their choices because of how complex we are as people. OPUS played to their unique strength and positioning as “a single universe where drinkers and non-drinkers can co-exist” - whether consumers want to partake or not, OPUS is there to provide a better option for them - and to make every drink memorable. OPUS provides choice and respects identity.

Influencer marketing was a key tactic to drive brand awareness. Simply getting the drink in front of consumers who act, think, and are different did wonders for OPUS. There is no one size fits all person, but there is a drink that can be the common thread.

The Results

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