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Here’s a snapshot of some of the campaigns we’ve loved doing and the impact we're creating.

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contact us   •  are you an ecommerce brand looking to launch in 2022? •  contact us  •  are you an ecommerce brand looking to launch in 2022? •

Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered.

Does hiring us mean we can get into the New York Times?

Good question! Depends on what stories you have to tell. 

The New York Times and other global tier A publications hold extremely high editorial standards that 99% of brands don’t meet. If you have a truly amazing story to tell, we can craft the right strategy to build up to amazing press results. Typically, that includes a mix of ongoing story telling that leads up to a bigger announcement, complemented with other tier B / C outlets that paint a fulsome picture of your brand’s success.

We have a great media list with over 1,000 contacts. Why should we hire you?

Having a media list doesn’t mean much. Nowadays, you can purchase full databases online, or subscribe to media services. Most of them will be filled with out of date, irrelevant contacts. The value we bring is understanding what actually makes a good story, and packaging it up for the right reporter to result in a story.

Can you guarantee media coverage?

Absolutely. That would fall under our paid content services. Paying for stories (or adverotials) might seem like a dirty world in traditional PR but we believe there is a time and place for a paid placement. It is a great complement to earned media relations when your story isn’t strong enough to stand on its own. When done right, it allows you to have (almost) full control of your message, the timing, and allows you to add more commercial components (e.g. a discount code, a promotional CTA).

Who do you have relationships with?

Existing relationships are still super valuable but we’d say they have less impact now than before. That’s because journalists are moving around much more quickly (either voluntarily or due to cutbacks and layoffs) and they are working at different outlets and/or many are moving into freelancer roles. 

New roles often mean they are focussing on different content and a good pitch will only resonate if you send it to the right person.

A freelancer will also need to get assigned a story by an editor. So there’s an additional hurdle (they need to pitch an editor too. 

Instead, we use our master media list to keep tabs on key outlets, then make sure the reporter has written or been active in the last 2-3 months before sending out a pitch.

What internal resources do I need?

Ideally, we’re working directly with a marketing or communications point person who can be our internal champion on all things PR. 
With internal resources, our work has far greater impact and we can get more done with your budget. This means a dedicated resource who can write campaign briefs, provide comprehensive feedback, and own client approvals.

We’ve had influencer ask us for payment. Is it worth it?

Depends on what your goals are. 

We understand brands need to see measurable results from influencer marketing. We also know the right levels of incentives (whether that’s cash, product or perks) that are needed for creators.

Typically we recommend a blended approach that includes organic gifting, paid opportunities and longer term partnerships.
Once we have a better understanding of your goals and desired outputs (such as UGC, no-strings attached content, sales tracked through discount codes), we can develop the right approach for you.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Front + Centre team, the company was able to hit all of their KPI's and goals for the project despite the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company appreciated how well they worked together, allowing both parties to feel happy about the project."

Tony Yu