Influencer Marketing

We all know there’s value in working with influencers (content, credibility and built-in audiences) but the real ✨ magic happens when your campaigns are designed right. We think PR agencies are best to own these relationships because we take a storyteller’s approach to earn authentic mentions. We seek influence > impressions and work to shape + shepherd your brand so you can reap the biggest rewards.

We have a unified view of influencers. It’s a hybrid of traditional journalists, content creators, key opinion leaders along with those who have no social footprint but considerable social influence. Identifying key stakeholders is important as well as knowing how to engage them, build an impactful relationship and activating against it is an expertise.  
We start by mapping out all the different influencers + the drilling down to the best ways to engage them (perks, payment, cache, awareness). While the tactics may vary, at the core of your campaign there’s rich storytelling + the right key messages that create real endorsements (“not sponsored, just because I love them”). 

For bold challengers •  for passionate founders • for sustainably minded business • For disruptive startups • for people and the planet •
For bold challengers •  for passionate founders • for sustainably minded business • For disruptive startups • for people and the planet •

Organic Product Seeding

From nano influencers to A-list celebrities, we map out the right strategy that gets your product in the hands of the right creators. 
When done right, product seeding is one of the most effective forms of gaining awareness. We have a proven approach that starts with identifying the right creators to designing mailers that will get their attention.

Paid Partnerships

We know brands need to measure results from influencer marketing and creators want to create genuine and transparent content. This understanding drives our approach to paid partnerships where we bake in the right level of incentives (cash, products, perks, cache) and the right key metrics to see impact. This can also include whitelisting services that enable the content’s reach to be amplified for great reach and engagement. All of this is underscored by our own dynamic reporting that allows you to see measurable outcomes.

Ambassador Boards

We help you create the right paid influencer partnership strategy that builds a deeper relationship between the brand and creator. We start by understanding who are the right creators to represent your brand, mapping out different niches and types of creators. We build out in-depth content briefs and contracts so creators can be immersed in your brand while being given the creative freedom to do what they do best.

Creator Collaborations

As creators are evolving their business models many are looking to create partnerships with brands in collabs, new collections or merch lines.
We help broker deals between brands, creators and their agents — from researching potential partners, to building out integrated marketing plans and more.

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